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When I was going through troubled times, I was fortunate enough to have great support. This led me to become a Samaritan, so that I in turn could perhaps support others less fortunate than myself.

As a Samaritan I learned that if people didn’t have good relationships, especially with those they care about, then life simply didn’t seem good enough.

My personal progression was to train with Relate, giving me more positive skills to support others in their relationships.

I have found the work very fruitful not only for myself but also for those who choose to seek support in making positive changes in their lives.

Over my past eighteen years of Counselling, I too have developed my skills and now work within many other challenging areas of life, including Mental Health.

Value and respect are keywords for me in both my work and for those who seek my support.

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Jill Sylvester Cert C. C Relate

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